Americas Blood Stained History

Sometimes the stories that we do not want to hear are the stories we need
to hear the most.


Many people do not want the story to be told. America’s
Racism, a country built on the backs of slaves from a rich homeland with
jewels, ivory, diamonds transported to a foreign land into oppression.
Racism is interwoven into the fabric of America’s history which does not
include blacks other than to demean them based on their skin color. The
history of America should be attributed to the millions of Slaves forced
into slavery while being used to build wealth for many years without
any economic gain due to racism. When the slaves arrived at the land of
milk and honey, they continued to make their masters rich by unknowingly
creating inventions that they would never receive credits for because of
the status of being less than human. These injustices are a direct
effect of history based deep in racism. Racist history continues to
repeat itself as millions of Americans pace the streets echoing for
changes, justice, and reform.

American justice is still blind due to racism that is being spewed on the
streets of major cities with an outpour of chants of Black Lives Matter.
Black lives matter because America was built by the free labor of many
African American slaves were forced from their homes.

Let us get to the truth about the chaos that America is facing, covered
in the remnants of the saying, sins of the fathers fall on the children.

The truth isn’t difficult to dissect. The sad result of what we are
witnessing at this moment is the lingering effects of a country built on
the backs of many African slaves transported from their motherland four
hundred years ago. Not only were slaves brought to America in
horrendous conditions during their voyage, but their homeland was raped
of its wealthy history and natural resources by the white man. Slaves
were chained and caged during the watery trip. Many slaves jumped to
their own death to escape the brutality that would be forced upon them.
The slaves tended the fields that rightfully belonged to the native

There’s no dispute concerning who’s the rightful landowners of America
without the deed. The Native American Indians inhabited the land that we
all dwell in today. We are all foreigners if the truth be told. Looking
at the current racist institutions takes a heart to gleam the real truths
about America’s dirty history and how it came to be. The benefits that
all whites have gained from everything they had from a bloody past
created an uneven playing field for those that are the true founders of
America. Think about this, put yourself in the slave’s situation. They
were forced from their homes and mastered to assimilate into a culture
that is blatantly different. There were many disadvantages, for example,
language barriers, customs, diet, and value systems. Slaves were
gathered from various regions in Africa, making them strangers to each
other. I challenge the oppressors to take the blinders off just for a
minute. It’s hard to do when there’s a sense of entitlement that the
human trophies don’t deserve to be treated with respect. Again, history
as we have been taught is grounded in racism which breeds hate and fear.
The perception of entitlement afflicts the aggressors today as they
continue to assert their authority out of fear over all races founded on
fear of losing their power and strength. The sense of entitlement that
whites has was evident when I was a little girl. I recall my father
being told by a white man that he was to say yes sir to his five-year
son. My father did not bow down. I was too young to understand the evil
that was going on, but I knew that it was not right. I also witnessed my
little brother who was as lily white in his complexion as the master, not
his own father was just a young lad went to the front windows of a small
town burger not knowing any better, was told we don’t serve niggers at
the front. Whites do not have to think about what window they go to or
be told we do not serve folks with pale skin. We acquired strength in
our own ways from the injustices and racist confronted in our lives.
Strength is a trait that the oppressed had no choice but to have due to
the cruel treatment they underwent as a result of acts of racism. Just
recently a black man died as a white cop kneeled on his neck for more
than eight minutes because he could. This uncovers legal discrimination
is ugliest of all because it is disguised by wears a uniform, one that
represents law and order for all people of privilege. So, reflect and
note which race has been violent for many years. Blacks have been
labored as being violent animals. Well let me share this. Any deviant
behavioral tendencies black exhibits during any circumstance… was learned
from our oppressors. Whites have been raping, beating, lynching blacks
since slavery. The master spent a lot of nights sneaking out to the
slave’s quarters having his way with his pick of the slave women often
impregnating them. Was raping the slaves an act of kindness of an act of
brutality because he could? Where is the mercy in that? I am
listening! Or did they enjoy seeing the superior built body parts that
the black man is blessed with. How can the sadistic behavior of the
master be explained when slaves were often made to mate within their own
family? Was this just a cheap thrill for them? You know what I am
talking about. Just in case you don’t please read, Dr. Frances Cress
Welsing, “The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors,” That cannot be
denied…… just look at the rainbow of colors that exists within the
African American race.

Recently, racism reared its ugly head when Blacks with many other races
marched to proclaim Black Lives Matters. They were labored thugs for
expressing freedom of speech. My father a wise man told me, “gurl” the
white man is not lynching us by ropes right now he is doing it with the
pen and paper. I recall when a black walked on the same side of the
street as a white woman he had to cross over to the other side or be
expected to divert his eyes. The white woman would clutch her purse
close to her side as if he were going to take it or if he were going to
ravish her. Blacks are feared because of the physical features and
characteristics they have. Coming to grips with the taunted history
embodied with acts of abuse inflicted by the white man on Blacks for
years takes a heart and soul searching to admit how America became to be
America. The Bible was used to enslave and liberate, used to justify
the abuse, rape, and lynching of those because of their differences.
I am still grappling with the thought that for many years we have been
taunted regarding our physical features. We have been called monkeys,
apes, dumb, non-human by those that fear us but lust after what we have.
For centuries we have been ridiculed for our lustrous hips, bit
booties, broad noses, and our Dolly Parton boobs.

Now forty years later
whites want what blacks have been hated for.

Do you understand the
psychology behind this sorted history called the story of just one race?
There should be statues of slaves/black Americans everywhere representing
the mark and true history of indignation of the African Americans mark.
The history of blacks has been emulated by whites more than they wish to
admit. Our skin tone, big lips, Hottentot Venus butties are sought-after commodities that can only be obtained by paying for them. I guess
it is alright for us to feel good about ourselves now. To embrace the
natural features that we were born with, our bodies created the perfect
glove to fit the black mandingo body. While we were not considered human
we were good enough to nurse your children. Who allows animals to breastfeed their young? With all that, our complexion on its own is not
accepted through many burn in the sun for hours to roast their skin in a
faded bronze that fades with the coming of fall. For more than four hundred
years we continue to grapple with being assimilated into a society that
was built on the backs of slaves to be accepted and honored for their
contributions made by the brows of their sweat and tears. The truth is
slavery continues to exist within the minds of some white Americans that
continue to hold the belief that they are superior to those who build
this country for the racist. I am made an American by my ancestor who
bore the stripes and carried the cross of abuse for many years.
America, born and created in Blood, tears, and Sweat of thousands of
Africans who endured years of torture, lynching, raping, and many other
cruel acts.

I say leave the “Statue to remind black youths that they have a history.
Eradicating icons that demeaned you only removes your history. It says
blacks never existed. Racism is a tool that continues to keep others in
their position.

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